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Sky is a member of the Tlingit Alaskan Native Nation. She co-directed a  native guided community ( based on Native American traditional values)  for ten years under the direct supervision of John Rolling Thunder Pope, a once well known spiritual leader and activist and his wife Helen Spotted Fawn Pope, a clan mother.

Sky has received intensive training in clan mother teachings and women issues from various spiritual native women elders and medicine people. She has periodically traveled and assisted on speaking tours for Rolling Thunder and Mala Spotted Eagle.

She worked for five years as an educational/recreational specialist at a Native American youth residential treatment facility in Oregon. She has helped to integrate the traditional Native American teachings and values into the classroom setting as well as through experiential learning.

Among her past employment experiences, she had worked for Healthy Start of Oregon as a family support worker helping first time Native American mothers  to get a healthy start and know what resources are available to them.

Sky has been an important part of helping to guide the Nanish Shontie community for the past nine years.  Her main focus is sharing about indigenous women’s ways with other women and helping people to learn to be better caretakers of the Mother Earth.

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