Mala Spotted Eagle

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Mala Spotted Eagle Pope is a Western Shoshone and Cherokee Native American. He has studied with many different medicine people, spiritual leaders and native elders.

As a young man, he traveled with and assisted his father, Rolling Thunder, on speaking tours, was involved with the original Red Wind foundation, a Native American camp teaching traditional values in Southern, California, and, from 1975 to 1985, he was President of Meta Tantay, a Native American intertribal and interracial non-profit traditional camp in the desert of Nevada.

From 1985 to 2000, his work has concerned helping the youth at the Nevada Youth Training Center in N.E. Nevada, at the Grand Ronde Tribe Native American Youth treatment facility in Oregon as Cultural Specialist and Chemical Dependency Counselor, and at Woodland Park Hospital in Oregon as a therapist in the youth psychiatric ward.

In addition to running Meta Tantay, his managerial skills included setting up a complete cultural program to enhance the 12 step recovery program, organizing the Native American Support Group to coordinate the resources of local tribes and native organizations.

A speaker and teacher, he participates in conferences throughout the United States and Europe talking with people about the Native way of life and its importance to the Mother Earth at this time. Mala has actively been working with wilderness organizations in both Europe and America helping to bring traditional Native American teachings to enhance their wilderness programs.

Since 2000, Mala has focused on building a non-profit community called Nanish Shontie which is dedicated to utilizing Ancestral knowledge with green technology. This community is on 17 acres in the state of Oregon.

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